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January 5, 2011
I am still getting things together, and this is a slow process because of my work load from preaching (4-5 times per week and working with the youth department on their material for the young people). Anyway, I am trying to get my capacity to make TW installor exes again, and I am not there yet. I have a great number of modules that I made while in the US, and the count is up to about 1200 modules now. This grows every week. But I cannot post them yet because of installation problems. You just cannot copy them to your hard disk under most Windows versions. So if you want to use them, you will have to make a USB TheWord installation, and copy them there.

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Modules on and about the Parables

See How to add new modules to a specific layout before downloading and adding these modules.

Codes: [Excellent] - Very good orthodox treat of subject. [Classic] - Works that are "Excellent" and considered a classic within the treatment of the subject.

Below is a graphic of a search I did in my setup. These are two windows or "views" in THEWORD parlance, the orange titlebar one is a bookview, and the purple is a book search view. On the far lefthand side of the bookview is a column with all the chapters in the book. The righthand pane is the actual text of the book (that chapter). TW searches all 106 books on the Parables that I am preparing for this page (not all are ready for publishing yet but this summer I should have these all ready), but you can see how right hand BookSearch View has each book as a hit, and only the books in the Parable layout were searched (i.e. it is super fast, and doesn't get bogged down with devotional books or other things).

The Parables Library Pack #6 files v09-07-24 2.8MB - All of the files in the Parables Library below (those with blue links are in this Library Pack).

All of these TheWord module downloads and pages are being moved to their own page on my new site, Note that I will not add any new modules to this site, but every new will be uploaded onto Please change your bookmarks to the new site.

The new Parables bookshelf is located at:

Alfred, Barry - The Parables of the Old Testament 301k  [Parables]
Arnot -
Parables of our Lord [Excellent] 575k v1 [Parables]
Arnot -
Lesser Parables of our Lord 563k  [Parables]
Prodigal Son
Austin -
Catechism Parables
- Exposition of the Parables of our Lord
Ballou -
Notes on Parables
Baylee, Joseph -
The Mysteries of the Kingdom ; Expository Sketches of our Saviour's Parables 423k [Parables]
Bell -
Parable of Casting out Devils
Bevan -
Last Parable of Ezekiel
Blyth -
Bourdillon -
The Parables Explained
Bourn -
Remaining Parables
Bourn - Select Parables
Brown -
Two Parables
Brown, David (of JFB) - Chronological Table Of The Parables Of Christ 48k [Parables]
Bruce - Parabolic Teaching of Christ
Burns -
Sketches of Sermons on the Parables
Calderwood -
The Parables of Our Lord
Chrysostom -
The Rich Man and Lazarus
- Parables of Jesus 302k  [Parables] tagged (Catholic)
Collyer, William Bengo - Lectures on Scripture Parables 494k [Parables]
Derby -
Conversations on the Parables
Dodd - The Miracles and the Parables
- The Parables of Our Lord 449k  [Excellent]
- Way of Life
Egbert -
The Parable of the Sower 123k [Parables]
Ellis -
The Bible versus Tradition
Farrer -
Fonck -
The Parables of the Gospel
Formby -
The Parables of the Lord
- The Grace of God
Fuhlrott -
The Barren Fig-Tree
- The Seven Parables of Mat. 13
Goebel -
The Parables of Jesus
Gray -
Delineation of the Parables
Greswell -
Exposition of the Parables
Guthrie -
The Parables
Hamilton -
The Parable of the Prodigal Son
Hancock -
The Return to the Father
Harris -
Outlines in the OT Miracles and Parables
Harwood -
The Sower
Haupt -
Isaiah's Vineyard Parable
Herrick, Greg - The Interpretation of a Parable 218k [Parables] [Excellent]
Hildyard -
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Holland -
Hubbard -
The Teachings of Jesus in the Parables
Humphreys -
The Work of Grace
Hungtinton, F.D. - Lessons on Parables of the Saviour 300k [Parables]
Keach -
The Exposition of the Parables
- Parables 342k [Parables]  tagged [Excellent]
Kingsley -
From Death to Life
Kinney -
Have me Excused
- Parables Of Our Savior 558k  [Parablestagged (Best arrangement of material)
Knight-Discourse on the Principal Parables
Lang, Cosmo Gordon - The Parables of Jesus 333k [Parables]
Lloyd - Catechism on Principal Parables
Lang - Parables of Jesus
MacDougall, John
- Old Testament Parables 217k [Parables]
McFadyen, Joseph Ferguson
- The Message of the Parables 315k [Parables]
Morgan, G. Campbell
- Parables of the Kingdom 208k [Parables]
Mudge -
Oxenden, Ashton
- The Parables of Our Lord 234K [Parables]
- Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13 [Classic] [Parables]
Seiss - The Parable of the 10 Virgins
Shepard - The Parable of the 10 Virgins
Stennett, Samuel - Discourses on the Parable of the Sower 251K [Parables]
Swete - Parables
Thompson, Robert Ellis - Studies of seven parables 166k [Parables]
Trench, Richard Chenevix - Notes on the Parables of our Lord [Classic] 385k [Parables]
Whittemore - Parables
Wilson -
Lectures on Parables
- The Parable of the 10 Virgins

Sermons on Parables

anthology of sermons of Parables (multiple authors)
Alford - Sermons on Doctrine
- Sermons on the Parables 292k (bio Mark Copeland "independent, autonomous, and non-denominational") Warning
Trinder - Sermons on the Parables

Chapters in Books

Seiler - Art of Scripture Interpretation

Come Study with Me: The Parables