Old Testament Synonyms


R. Girdlestone

This familiar, standard work has been edited by Donald White. It has been numerically coded to Strong's Concordance, and otherwise comprehensively improved and redesigned. The words are both transliterated and printed in the original Hebrew. Much reference is also made to Greek words, such as appear in the Septuagint. There are 28 chapters covering nearly 300 subjects, some 350 key Hebrew words. There is a subject index, an index of Hebrew words, and one of Greek words.

“The Bible is to be regarded in two aspects. It has its use for the unlearned, and its use for the teacher.” The Bible, both in the Old Testament and in the New unfolds the truth concerning the Lord Jesus in terms which come home to every heart. The simple student may become a theologian in the true old sense of the word, though he is ignorant of what is called theology. A child will grasp solid facts, and they will meet with living words and cause them to regard God anew.

Unlike Trench on New Testament words, Girdlestone’s Old Testament Synonyms are very useful for most any Christian. It is a feast of learning of the kind that one can employ in many situations. The Hebrew words as transliterated offer no obstacle to understanding of what is being presented to the reader. The distinctions given are certainly interesting and of the kind to add to one’s body of learning.

“It is strange that man, gifted though he is with great intelligence, should need a special revelation of the nature and character of his Maker, still more surprising that he should have to learn from the pages of Scripture the story of his own origin and destiny. Human nature, as portrayed in the Bible, is full of incongruities which at once illustrate the greatness and the littleness of man, his nearness to God, and his fellowship with the dust. The very names of man used by the Hebrew writers indicate the anomalies of his condition, because of the principal words which are used to represent him in four apparently inconsistent aspects: As Adam he is of the earth - earthy. As Ish, he is endued with immaterial and personal existence. As Enosh, he is weak and incurable. As Gever, he is mighty and noble.”

Type of Cover: hard cover

ISBN: 1589600304

Table of Contents

On Translation and Interpretation of Biblical Terms1
The Names of God18
The Names of Man45
The Soul and the Spirit55
Heart, Will, Conscience and Understanding64
Repentance, Conversion and Amendment87
Righteousness, Faith and Hope100
Grace, Mercy and Love107
Redemption and Salvation117
Atonement, Forgiveness and Acceptance127
Purification and Baptism142
Sanctification and Anointing175
Offerings and Altar185
Word, Law and Covenant204
Worship, Praise and Preach215
Temple, Tabernacle, Congregation and Church226
Prophet, Priest, Elder and Minister238
King, Judge and Punish249
Nation and People256
Earth, World and Heaven261
Destruction, Death and Hell270
Satan and Tempter287
Witchcraft, Divination and Soothsaying296
Idol, Grove and High Place303
Eternal and Age to Come312
Index of Subjects320
Index of Hebrew Words324
Index of Greek Words326
Index of Texts328