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Baker - The Deadly Flower TULIP 145K (b) (8 pages)
Barclay, William (1907-1978) - Many Witnesses, One Lord
Barnes, Albert (1798-1870) - NT notes 41.2MB (5294 pages).
Barber -
Heaven's Mandate to Win the Lost (s) 32K (10 pages)
Barber - What will happen at the Rapture (s) 86K (3 pages)
Barker - Minister as Member Fellowship
(a) 108K (5 pages)
Barker - Ministers Expectations of their Ministries
(a) 85K (2 pages)
Barnhouse -
Sovereignty of God (a) 43K (12 pages)
Barrows, John Henry (1847-1902) - I believe in God the Father Almighty (1892)
Basil - The Holy Spirit 235K (b) (66 pages) (I)
Basinger - Problem with Problem of Evil 132K (a) (5 pages) 14 Theodicy
Bauer - NT Chapter Summary (a) 20K (8 pages) 25_NT
Bauer, Walter (1877-1960) Orthodoxy and Heresy
(1854-1921) - Doctrine of God (a) 191K (26 pages)
Baxter, Richard
(1615) - Reformed Pastor (b) 469K (134 pages).e-Sword
Baxter, Richard (1615) - Saint's Everlasting Rest (b) 469K (165 pages).
Baxter, Richard - Sinfulness of Flesh Pleasing (b) 211 (17 pages). odt PPC
- Practice of Piety (b) 184K (57 pages).
Beebe - Pastoral Office (b) odt | pdb | pdf | pws
Beeston, William - Hebrew Grammar (b) (1843) 1.7MB (70 pages) images 20 OT
Bellows, Henry Whitney (1814-1882) - The sovereignty and fatherhood of God; a discourse, preached during his visit to England (1868)
Beisner, Calvin - Is Baptism necessary for Salvation, Critical Analysis of Baptismal Regeneration (a) 174K (21 pages)
Benedict, Marion Josephine (1898-????) - God of the Old Testament in Relation to War 7.62MB (b) offsite
Berkhof (Author Profile) - New Testament Introduction (b) 972K (219 pages) 25_NT e-Sword
Berkhof (Author Profile) - Summary of Christian Doctrine (b) (I) 819K (267 pages)
Berkhof (Author Profile) - Summary of Christian Doctrine.pdf rtf  819K (267 pages)
Berkhof (Author Profile) - Outline of Systematic Theology.pdf rtf  166K (22 pages)
Berkhof (Author Profile) - Systematic Theology (b).pdf  (b) 5.5MB (762 pages) rtf1 rtf2 rtf3 rtf4 rtf5 rtf6
Best, W.E. - Satanology (a) 60K (16 pages)
Beza, Theodore (1519-1605) - Jesus Christ the Son of God (a) 43K (6 pages)
Biblecentre -
OT Quotes in AV, LXX, Hebrew (a) 131K (29 pages)
Biblecentre - Manners and Customs of Bible Lands (b) 1.4MB (401 pages)
Bickersteth, Edward Henry (1825-1906) - The Rock of Ages, or Scripture testimony to the one eternal Godhead of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (n.d.)
Bing, Charles - How to share the Gospel Clearly (a) 82K (12 pages)
Bingham - Meaning and Significance of the Trinity (b) 100K (28 pages) (Bingham is Anglican but has good presentation and material)
Bingham - How to Study the Bible (b) 262K (39 pages)
Bingham - Galatians (b) 302k (76 pages)
Bingham - Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (b)
506K (173 pages)
Bingham - The Christian and the Holy Spirit of God (b)
89K (26 pages)
Binney, Amos - Theological Compend (1875) (b) 571K (57 pages)  PPC
Boethius - The Trinity is One God, Not Three Gods (b)
62K (18 pages)
Boettner - The Atonement [html] (b) 319K (31 pages) see 34 Soteriology
Boettner - Limited Atonement [html] (b) 140K (10 pages) see 34 Soteriology
- Calvinism in History (b) 173K (57 pages)
- Inspiration - Trustworthiness of the Bible (a) 19K (6 pages)
- Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (b) 1MB (295 pages)
- Significance of Christs Death (a) 86K (6 pages)
Boettner - The Trinity (b) pdf 1.2MB (44 pages 11 Chapters) pdb
Boyce - Abstract of Systematic Theology (b) (I) [html] 1MB (416 pages) E-Sword e-Sword
Bonar, Horatius - Sermons #6 (s) 334K (81 pages) [Follow the Lamb!; Ministerial Confessions; Night of Weeping; Family Discipline; Home!; Holy Spirit]
Bonar, Horatius
- Words to Winners of Souls (a) 88K (24 pages)
Bonar, Horatius - Thoughts and Themes v1 pdf odt (104 pages) PPC
Bonar, Horatius - Thoughts and Themes Revelation v5 (185 pages) PPC
Bonar, Horatius - Person of Christ pdf odt (32 pages) PPC
Bonar, Horatius @ - God's Way of Holiness.pdf (b) 334k (107 pages)
Bounds - Essentials of Prayer (b) 185K (72 pages). see 42 Applied Theology
Bounds - Necessity of Prayer (b) 277K (53 pages). see 42 Applied Theology
Bounds - Possibilities of Prayer (b) 182K (68 pages) see 42 Applied Theology
Bounds - Power Thru Prayer (b) 214K (57 pages) see 42 Applied Theology
Bounds - Prayer and Praying Men (b) 157K (64 pages). see 42 Applied Theology
Bounds - Purpose in Prayer (b) 174K (64 pages).  see 42 Applied Theology
Bounds - Reality of Prayer (b) 166K (60 pages).  see 42 Applied Theology
Bounds - Weapon of Prayer (b) 191K (69 pages).  see 42 Applied Theology
Boyce, James Petigru - Three Changes in Theological Institutions
Brakel - Christian's Reasonable Service (Systematic Theology) (b) 5.8MB (2160 pages)
Bremmer - Deity of Jesus Christ (a) 120K (10 pages)
Bremmer - Incarnation (a) 121K (8 pages)
Brengle - Heart Talks on Holiness (b) 617K (61 pages)
Brengle @ - Heart Talks on Holiness.pdf (b) 387k (58 pages)
Brengle - When the Holy Ghost is Come (b) (I) 319K (107 pages)
Brennan - Biblical Eldership (b) 1.5MB (132 pages)  
Brenton - Historical Account of Septuagint Version (a) 203K (8 pages)
Bristol - Paracleto: Baptism in the Holy Spirit (b) 580K (84 pages) pdf odt
Broadus, John Albert - Commentary on Matthew (b) 4.7MB (1211 pages) 26 Matthew
Broadus - He ever liveth to intercede (a) 24K (7 pages)
Broadus - Necessity of the Atonement (a) 17K (5 pages)
Broadus - Sermons and Addresses (b) (s)  HTML
Brooks - A Cabinet of Choice Jewels 2.2MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - A String of Pearls 618k (pages) PPC
Brooks - A Word in Season to Suffering Saints 1.3MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - Apples of Gold 1MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - Crown and Glory of Christianity 3.5MB (pages) htm PPC
Brooks - Golden Key to Open Hidden Treasures 2MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - Heaven on Earth 1.9MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - London's Lamentations 1.9MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - Paradise Opened or Secret Mysteries 1.2MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - Precious Remedies against Satan's Devices 1.4MB (pages) PPC
Brooks - Privy Key of Heaven 1.3MB (pages) PPC
Bruce - Training of the Twelve (b) 1.1MB (362 pages)
Bruce, FF - NT Documents Are they Reliable (a) 257K (77 pages) 25_NT
Buckham, John Wright (b1864) - The humanity of God; an interpretation of the divine fatherhood (1928)
Bullinger - Apocalypse, Day of the Lord (b) (I) 1.4MB (446 pages)
Bullinger - Appendix to Companion Bible (b) 2.7MB (670 pages)
Bullinger - Christian's Standing Object and Hope (b) 101K (4 pages) 
Bullinger - Church Epistle's (b) 148K (10 pages) 
Bullinger - Figures of Speech used in the Bible (b) 3.1MB (189 pages)
Bullinger - Following Hard (b) 111K (5 pages) 
Bullinger - Great Cloud of Witnesses in Heb 11 (b) 396K (35 pages) 
Bullinger - How to Enjoy the Bible (b)
3MB (340 pages)  PPC
Bullinger - Number in Scripture (b)
2.3MB (245 pages)  PPC
Bullinger - Ten Sermons on Second Advent (b) 667K (75 pages) 
Bullinger - Two Natures of the Child of God (b) 319K (34 pages) 
Bullinger - Witness of the Starts (b)
1.1MB (116 pages)  PPC
Bullinger - Intermediate_State (s) 82K (? pages)
Buntin, Charles - Baptism & Salvation (a) 297K (26 pages).
Bunyan, John - Christ a complete Savior
(a) 241K (48 pages).
Bunyan, John - Grace abounding to Chief of Sinners (a) 264K (63 pages).
Bunyan, John - Greatness of the Soul
(a) 296K (59 pages).
Bunyan, John - Justification by Imputed Righteousness
(a) 246K (46 pages).
Bunyan, John - Of Antichrist and his Ruin
(a) 265K (52 pages).
Bunyan, John -
Treatise on the Fear of God (a) 355K (70 pages).
Bunyan, John - Saint's Knowledge of God's Love (a) 264K (50 pages).
Bunyan, John - Holy War (b) 657K (204 pages) (fiction).
Bunyan, John - Pilgrims Progress Books 1-2 (b) 406K (176 pages) (fiction).
Burton - Greek & Hebrew in Ministers Education (a) 78K (2 pages).
Burton -
Syntax of Moods & Tenses in NT Greek (b) 1MB (251 pages) e-Sword

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