Page Summary: Biblical Studies on Christ, Christology, Jesus, Son of God, His Incarnation, Humanity, Deity, Life, Teachings, Work on the Cross, Resurrection, Ascension, Hypostatic Union, His Mother, Names of Christ, Offices of Christ, Title of Christ, theofanies, Christ's appearances in the Old Testament, Pre-existence of Christ, etc.

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32 Christology

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32 Christology (Doctrine of Christ)
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32.00 General Works on Christology   32.08 Present Work
32.01 Incarnation, Humanity 32.09 Hypostatic Union
32.02 Messiah 32.10 Mother of Jesus
32.03 Deity of Jesus Christ (separate page) 32.11 Names of Christ
32.04 Life of Christ32.12 Offices and Titles of Christ
32.05 Teachings 32.13 Christ in the Old Testament
32.06 Work on the Cross32.14 Pre-existence, OT Appearances
32.07 Resurrection and Ascension 32.15 Jesus in Coming Prophetical Events
  32.16 Miracles of Christ
  32.17 Death of Christ
See also 26 Gospels and Acts

32.06 Work on the Cross  <top of page>

Boettner - Significance of Christs Death (a) 86K (6 pages)
Bunyan, John - Christ a complete Savior (a) 241K (48 pages).
Broadus - Necessity of the Atonement (a) 17K (5 pages)
Denney, James - Death of Christ (b) 611K (181 pages)
Luther, Martin - Christ's Holy Sufferings  (a) 41K (7 pages)
Machen, J Gresham - The Atonement  (a) 44K (5 pgs)
Pink, Arthur - The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross (b) 312K  (64 pages)
Simpson, A. B. - Cross of Christ (and other works) (b) 489K (120 pages)
Winslow, Octavius - Foot of the Cross (b) 416K (154 pages)

Ames, William - Biography & Works#Death of Christ
Torrey, RA -
What the Bible Teaches#Death of the Jesus Christ
Flavel - Christ's Humiliation unto Death, in his first preparative Act for it. (s)
Flavel -
The second preparative Act of Christ for his own Death. (s)
Flavel -
The third preparative Act of Christ for his own Death. (s)
Flavel -
The first preparation for Christ's Death, on his Enemies Part, by the treason at Judas. (s)
Flavel -
The second and third Preparatives for the Death of Christ, by illegal Trial and Condemnation. (s)
Flavel -
Christ's memorable Address to the Daughters of Jerusalem, in his Way to the Place of his Execution (s)
Flavel -
The Nature and quality of Christ's Death (s)
Flavel -
The signal Providence, which directed and ordered the Title affixed to the Cross of Christ (s)
Flavel -
The manner of Christ's Death, in respect to the Solitariness thereof. (s)
Flavel -
The manner of Christ's Death, in respect to the Patience thereof. (s)
Flavel -
Christ's funeral illustrated, in its Manner, Reasons, and excellent Ends. (s)
Flavel -
Wherein four weighty Ends of Christ's Humiliation are opened, and particularly applied. (s)

Sayings from the Cross

Flavel - The Instructiveness of the Death of Christ, in his seven last Word; the first of which is here illustrated. (s)
Flavel -
The Second excellent Word of Christ upon the Cross. (s)
Flavel -
The Third of Christ's last Words upon the Cross.  (s)
Flavel -
The fourth excellent Saying of Christ upon the Cross. (s)
Flavel -
The fifth excellent Saying of Christ upon the Cross. (s)
Flavel -
The sixth excellent Saying of Christ upon the Cross. (s)
Flavel -
The seventh and last Word with which Christ breathed out his Soul. (s)