Page Summary: Biblical Studies on Christ, Christology, Jesus, Son of God, His Incarnation, Humanity, Deity, Life, Teachings, Work on the Cross, Resurrection, Ascension, Hypostatic Union, His Mother, Names of Christ, Offices of Christ, Title of Christ, theofanies, Christ's appearances in the Old Testament, Pre-existence of Christ, etc.

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32 Christology

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32 Christology (Doctrine of Christ)
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32.00 General Works on Christology   32.08 Present Work
32.01 Incarnation, Humanity 32.09 Hypostatic Union
32.02 Messiah 32.10 Mother of Jesus
32.03 Deity of Jesus Christ (separate page) 32.11 Names of Christ
32.04 Life of Christ32.12 Offices and Titles of Christ
32.05 Teachings 32.13 Christ in the Old Testament
32.06 Work on the Cross32.14 Pre-existence, OT Appearances
32.07 Resurrection and Ascension 32.15 Jesus in Coming Prophetical Events
  32.16 Miracles of Christ
  32.17 Death of Christ
See also 26 Gospels and Acts


32.01 Incarnation, Humanity   <top of page>

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Athanasius (Author profile) - On the Incarnation 264K (45 pages).
Anthony - The Genealogy of Christ Jesus (a) 171K (11 pages)
Best, Nolan Rice (1871-1930) - Beyond the Natural Order, Essays on Prayer, Miracles, and the Incarnation flipbook (1908)
Bremmer - Incarnation (a) 121K (8 pages)
Briggs, Charles Augustus (1841-1913) - The Incarnation of the Lord flipbook (1902)
Coleridge, Henry James (1822-1893) - The Preparation of the Incarnation flipbook (1885)
Craik, James (1806-1882) - Divine Life and New Birth, with supplement on Incarnation flipbook (1866)
Dods, Marcus (1786-1838) - A Treatise on the Incarnation of the Eternal Word flipbook (1842)
Drown, Edward Staples (1861-1936) - Creative Christ, Study of Incarnation in Terms of Modern Thought flipbook (1922)
Eck, Herbert Vincent Shortgrave - The Incarnation flipbook (1912)
Giddord, Edwin Hamilton (1820-1905) - The Incarnation (Phil 2.5-11, Psa 110) flipbook (1911)
Gore, Charles (1853-1932) - Dissertations on Subjects connected with the Incarnation flipbook (1895)
Gore, Charles (1853-1932) - The Incarnation of the Son of God flipbook (1891)
Gore, Charles (1853-1932) - Lux Mundi, Series of Studies in Religion of Incarnation flipbook (1890)
Humphrey, William (1839-1910) - A Digest of the Doctrine of Saint Thomas on the Incarnation flipbook (1868)
Knowles, Archibald Campbell (1865-1951) - The Holy Christ-Child, Devotional Study on the Incarnation of the Son of God flipbook (1905)
Liguori, Alfonso Maria de (1696-1787) - The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ flipbook (1886)
Machen, J Gresham - The Virgin Birth 2.8MB (640 pgs) (b).
Morris, William Selwyn Hierliehy - The Incarnation, Lectures flipbook (1914)
Neale, Rollin Heber (1808-1879) - The Incarnation flipbook (1849)
Palmer, Ken -
Genealogy of Jesus Christ (a) 157K (15 pages).
Philpot - The Nature of the Redeemer's Humanity
Pohle, Joseph (1852-1922) - Christology, a Dogmatic Treatise on the Incarnation flipbook (1913)
Powell, Henry Clark (1838-) Principle of the Incarnation, reference to relation between our Lord's Divine Omniscience and his Human Consciousness flipbook (1896)
Orr, James (1844-1913) - Christian View of God and World as centring in the Incarnation (Kerr Lectures 1890-1891) flipbook (1893)
Ramsay, William - Was Christ Born in Bethlehem (b) 392k (115 pages)
Raven, Charles Earle (1885-1964) - What think ye of Christ? flipbook (1916)
Remsburg, John E. - The Christ: A Critical Review and Analysis of the Evidence of His Existence
Rhys, Jocelyn - Shaken Creeds: The Virgin Birth Doctrine
Strong, Edmund Linwood (1861-) - Lectures on the Incarnation of God flipbook (1920)
Von Strürmer, Heaton Edward - Christ the Divine Man or Deity Veiled flipbook (1880)
Walker, William Lowe
(1845-1930) - The Spirit and the Incarnation in the Light of Scripture, Science, and Practical Need flipbook(1907)
Warfield - The End of the Incarnation
Warfield, Benjamin Breckinridge (1851-1921) - Gospel of the Incarnation flipbook (1893)
Weston, Frank (1871-1924) - The One Christ, an Enquiry into the Manner of the Incarnation flipbook (1907)
White, Edward (1819-1898) - Life in Christ, Study of Scripture Doctrine on Nature of Man, Object of Divine Incarnation, and Conditions of Human Immortality flipbook (1878)
Wilberforce, Robert Isaac (1802-1857) - The Doctrine of the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in its relation to mankind and to the Church flipbook (1849)
Winslow, Octavius - The Sympathy of Christ (b) 516K (194 pages)

Binney - Theological Compend (1875 Methodist) IID Jesus Christ (b) 571K (57 pages)
Flavel - Christ in his essential and primeval Glory (s)
Flavel -
The Necessity of Christ's Humiliation, in order to the Execution of all these his blessed Offices for us; and particularly of his humiliation by Incarnation. (s)
Flavel -
Christ's Humiliation in his Life. (s)
Torrey, RA - What the Bible Teaches#The Human Nature of Jesus Christ