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Note: May 1, 2007 - After trying about a dozen different alternatives for noting the location and existence of e-Sword modules, I am about at zero again. Nothing suits my tastes. Sorry. There are two things I am looking for, ease of use (both for me as making it and you for using it), and "searchability" in the end product.  I am about ready to give up on this as the mass of e-sword files grows daily, my personal time available is disappearing rapidly, and I am wanting my efforts to go into my own writings rather than working with other people's writings. I see little interest in general in e-sword modules from users (i.e. I get no feedback), so I will probably spend little effort in updating these pages. At present I am leaning heavily towards using the To visit my page there, go to . Note that this will be where I will locate my links for both Bible study pages/sites in general I come across on the Internet, and for all e-Sword module pages.

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