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Welcome to my Website on E-Sword. I am constantly working on modules for e-Sword, and I find it frustrating and extremely time wasting to work on a module only to find it later posted by somebody else (or posted by somebody else when I am in the middle or finishing it myself). As such I have stopped working on my modules for a while to search the Internet and register what I can find as far as modules for e-Sword. I will periodically update and search more.

  Purpose of this website:

My principle purpose of my e-Sword website is to post my own modules for others to find, download, and use. Since I am getting emails about how to use e-Sword and how other people can make their own modules, I thought it better to post this information for all instead of sending it out one by one to people. There are other e-Sword resources on the Internet, and Yahoo groups have some nice stuff. But in my opinion, people don't need to waste their time discussing things to death. They want answers. They want URLs to download stuff quickly without a hassle. Most e-Sword users are busy pastors or people in the ministry, and they want what they want without wasting a lot of time. I have tried to make this site as simple and direct as possible. By that I mean I do not give you an extensive list of modules without telling you where they are. I provide URLs, and multiple URLs to the same file, and I regularly check all my links and mark those that are dead. Not only do I give you URLs to modules, but in most cases my links are directly to the file, not to a page where you have to click a second time to download the file after you have hunted for 15 minutes. Direct and quick.

 What you will find and not find here.

I am at present only hosting my own files here. In the future I may decide to host other files, but basically I don't want to do that.

As such, I personally think it is best to only host your own personally created modules and leave other people's modules out there and not download them to your website. (That is unless they specifically give permission to repost or use freely their works.)

[By the way, if you see my modules on other sites, you may wonder if I put them there. I maintain mirrors of my modules at the following places: (links only), (links only), (links only), (files hosted here), and The reason for these pages is to raise my Google ratings.] But all my modules can be reposted as long as there are no charges involved.

Now I presume that just about everybody outside of a commercial book publishing company is making e-Sword modules for the purpose of distributing these to other people on a free basis. If a person wants to charge for it, usually he doesn't just post it on a website, but has some kind of charge before you get access. To buy such a module and repost it for free access is pure stealing, and I hope nobody using e-Sword for their personal spiritual benefit or for a ministry before the Lord would stoop so low. But my point is that e-Sword modules are normally for the general public, and I don't think 99% of the module creators (the true owners of the module copyright) would mind if their modules get more publicity. I know I wouldn't mind it at, and I even seek to do it somehow.

If you own the copyright on any of the modules on my website, and you do not want them on my website, please email and I will immediately remove them from the website. If they are posted elsewhere on the internet, and I list them in my modules listings, please advise me if you want me to remove these references also, and I will do so.

 Reposting my Files and Conditions of Use.

If you desire to download my created modules for reposting it elsewhere, that is fine with me. I have no problem with you doing it (just don't modify it nor remove my copyright indications over it), and you do not need to ask my permission. Just do it. Please do not sell them in any, nor charge for access to them, nor include them in any format that is sold. I am the only one who can legally sell these modules, they are not in the public domain, but are privately distributed without cost. If you impose a "cost" in any sense, you are breaking my copyright conditions, and don't download them please.

I would ask that you check back occasionally to make sure there is not a "revised" marked beside a file, because at times I find errors and correct them. The anthology of works by different authors will be under constant change as I find new material for them (especially sermons and articles by them that will be incorporated with their writings).

 Hosting other people's modules because they ask me to

Yes, send me an email with your module. My conditions are as follows:

(1) Your module has to be free of copyright considerations as far as original material. The book or work was published by somebody who died before 1932, or you are the original content author.

(2) By sending me your e-Sword module you are granting permission for all other people to download, use, and repost your modules to their heart's content (with the exception of no commercial use by third parties to make financial gain or receive financial remuneration for the reproduction or distribution of your modules).

I reserve the right to deny placing a module on my sight without explanation, simply because I don't want it.

(c) David R. Cox 2007

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