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Chambers, Oswald - My Utmost for His Highest Devotional

(1935) Oswald Chambers, a Scotsman who converted to Christianity in his teens under the ministry of Charles Spurgeon, has been affecting Christians with his devotional words since My Utmost for His Highest was first published in 1935. This acknowledged classic contains 365 daily readings that take heady doctrine and make it practical, realistic, and intensely personal. With humor and humility, Chambers speaks plainly to the common man struggling with devotion to Christ in daily living. Worldly cares and self-serving desires begin to lose their appeal as Chambers aides the reader in transforming his mind by viewing life through the instruction of God's Word. Chambers is also author of more than thirty titles, all but one compiled by his wife, Gertrude Chambers. Cherished for generations as the world's devotional classic, this book is unsurpassed in devotional excellence, offering a powerful message of hope to those seeking daily encouragement and for those who walk in the shadows of difficulty.

Charles E. Cowman - Streams in the Desert

After 25years of fruitful labour in Japan and Korea, the angel of pain struck Rev.C.E.Cowman, the doctor’s diagnosis was: “Worn out”. The result was that he was transferred from the din of the battle to the seclusion of the sick chamber; from the glow and glory of the work of the sick chamber; from the glow and glory of the work he loved so dearly, to the utter abandonment of it all. Would his faith fail now at this crucial point? If God were to give him songs in the night, He must first make the night. The billows which in their approach threatened to submerge him as they came in, lifted him to heaven for which he was bound.

If the great adversary had desired that the stroke should mar or bruise God’s chosen instrument, to arrest God’s work, he was certainly disappointed for Charles Cowman stood still, beneath the shadow of the Cross.

All these wonderful devotionals were compiled by Mrs. Cowman. This daily devotional has received such tremendous response from all over the world that it has gone into many editions.

DCox zip
zip_v9  (May 09)

Hoekstra, Bob - Day-by-Day by Grace

Day-By-Day By Grace, by Pastor Bob Hoekstra, Director of Living In Christ Ministries, seeks to illuminate the grace of God through daily devotions set to inspire the child of Christ toward the heart of his Creator and Benefactor.

Meyer, F. B. - Our Daily Walk

Morrison, George H - Devotional Sermons

Philpot - Daily Portions

DCox zip (Abr 08)
zip_v9  (May 09)

Philpot - Zion's Wayfarers

DCox zip (Abr 08)
zip_v9  (May 09)

Spurgeon, Charles H. - Morning and Evening

The classic series of devotions, full of power and insight by Charles Spurgeon. It will assist Christians in their personal meditations by providing, each day, devotional thoughts upon rising and retiring. Brimming with Spurgeon's passionate love of God, the devotionals are just as powerful now as they were when they were written more than 100 years ago. For tens of thousands of Christians over the last century, Charles Haddon Spurgeon's Morning and Evening has been a daily devotional guide through life's ups and downs. Morning and Evening offers readers the best of Spurgeon's insight and wise counsel on themes that are as relevant to our day as they were in his day.

Tileston, Mary Wilder - Daily Strength for Daily Needs

DCox zip
zip_v9  (May 09)

Words of Christ

Octavius Winslow - Morning Thoughts

Created by David Cox from Winslow's daily devotions.

DCox zip
zip_v9  (May 09)

Octavius Winslow - Evening Thoughts

Created by David Cox from Winslow's daily devotions.

DCox zip
zip_v9  (May 09)

Note that we do are a non-profit website, so I do not promote nor link to modules which are commercially available and produced for profit. They may pay for advertising on some other site if they so desire. Therefore I have removed the following commercial modules because of our policy on this matter.

Commercially Available Modules: Grace for the Moment Max Lucado, A Word for the Day Watson.

Concerning Copyrighted Material: Also note that at times we come across modules which are under a book publishing company's copyright, and they do not sell that book in an e-Sword module format, and sometimes these are listed on my web pages. They notice this, write me, and I remove their works from my webpage. Therefore the following modules are definitely under copyright and will not appear on any links or downloads on my pages.


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